Sunday, March 27, 2011

Revamping the ol' fridgerator

After a few months of not a great appetite it's returned. When I do want or crave something it happens to be starchy and white or something before this turns into a bad habit I thought I better get busy and revamp our pantry and fridge with our By Design foods, that means, fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, meat and eggs, oils, coconuts and coconut products.  (If possible Organic and local, next best provincial, next best Canadian, next best USA etc. you get the picture)  So yesterday I did a big grocery shop and this what I got.  (plus a stack of meat that is in the fridge and freezer)
Then this is what I did next...
Prepared some protein for the week.  Ground beef (for taco dinner) hard boiled eggs for snacks and a turkey breast for salads.  Plus today I am cooking a pork tenderloin for dinner (left overs used in salads or for snacking), tomorrow I will roast a whole organic chicken, to be for dinner and salads.
If I take the time and prep a few things for the week, it truly makes life easier and way more healthier.  The alternative to not taking that little bit of time is wasting even more time during the week wondering what to make, going to the grocery store a few more times, or waiting at a restaurant or for pizza take-out.  Also, the kids lunches are so much faster and more fun to pack when I have healthy options for 'grab n'go'.

Now cutting out dairy and grains may sound difficult maybe even scary, I assure you it isn't, although it may take some time to adjust, old habits die hard, when I have eaten mostly "By Design" my skin clears up, eczema completely disappears, zero bloating and no other tummy issues, plus my hormone freak outs almost disappear and I have more energy and less brain fog.

My most favorite websites to keep me motivated and inspired:

I love all of these sites and find them very informative.  I assure you I am not perfect and fo'shizzle eat none Design foods from time to time (celebrations or a friends house for dinner) and I do find it a challenge sometimes to pack the kids lunches with only By Design foods, not so much with Sass, but my Rolie is more of a "selective eater" and I have had to go "Deceptively Delicious" on him for many foods.  I have noticed that as he gets older (he just turned 8) he is more open to trying foods, for example he ate 2 peas the other night at dinner.  Next time he said he'll eat 3.  All I can do is encourage and offer the foods.  I will not make or force foods on my kids, food is to be enjoyed, I keep it light and positive and with a health attitude towards food and I know it will pay off.

Have a lovely foodie week,


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