Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I feel I have a "Morrel" obligation to report about my dinner....

See what I did there?  Clever huh?
While out for a walk with my devastingly handsome husband and curious dog we stumble across a treasure trove of Morrels!  Actually, it was Trixie that found them.  We were walking along a trail, Trixie was eagerly sniffing and tasting anything is sight, she had this black little lump in her mouth and we thought is was poo, as Dalton leaned over to shew it out of her mouth with a stick he was relieved to annouce it was a Morrel, we looked down the trail and there they were popped up everywhere.  We gathered 19 in total.  We dropped a few off for Head Chef and Owner of Harbour St. Braissiere, Derek.  :Sidenote:  If you live in Kincardine OR ever in Kincardine make it a point to eat at Harbour St.  Derek and his lovely wife Diane set the atmosphere and the food to pitch perfection, and serve a full menu of local food.  Delightful. :Sidenote over: Derek showed me how to clean them properly and how to cook them, so nice, thank you Derek.  And we shared a couple with a friend who was curious about the taste.  The rest we kept for ourselves and thought they would go lovely with our roast chicken we were having tonight.  Hope you enjoy the picture extravanganza of....fancy mushrooms....and our dinner.

Dirty Morrels
 Sliced in half to clean out the bugs.  ewww.
 Water bath to clear out dirt and bugs
 Drying only to discover tiny wormie bugs! eww and eww.
 Back in the bath you go Dirty Morrels.
 Type of Broth I used to simmer.  No garlic and butter fry for these tender morsels.
 Simmering to perfection.  (and finalizing any bug killing.  ha ha ha)
 The finished product delicate little bites of mushrooms.
 The roast chicken prep.  Okay we all know how easy roast chicken is, right?  Well this is even easier than easy and it is a no fail "recipe" preheat oven to 400, cut using kitchen scissors down the back of the chicken.  Spread that bird open and press her down in the roasting pan.  Throw the bird some butter, season if you wish and put her in the oven till the skin is super crispy.  It's easier than easy because it cooks faster because we flattened the cheekon.
 Sweat Potatoes with grated ginger and cayanne baby.  So yummy.
 Sweet Potatoes
 The grand finally that is now in its final resting place, my belly!

Now I am on the hunt for wild leeks and perhaps some more morrels. 
Have a lovely day,


  1. It sounds like you guys had a really fun hike, and made a delicious meal out of your pickings. I have to comment that the new font you're using on your blog is a bit of headache to read, but nontheless, yay new post!

  2. Hi Amanda, I agree about the font, I'm totally gonna change it. Thanks for the comment.