Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Lone Ranger Rides Again

Our lovable American Bulldog Trixie thinks she is super stealth, as soon as someone leaves the livingroomshe slithers up on the sofa and curls up in a ball.  Well the other day she did it again.  I was in the kitchen baking and Sasha wandered into the livingroom and exclaimed "Moooooom Trixies on the sofa again", Me "Can you get her off please?"
S - "Trixie get off the sofa"
No movement
S - Hands on hips, louder voice, very firm. "Trixie...GET of the sofa."
S - She looks over at me "I know what will get her off the sofa"
Sasha leaves the room.  Saunters back to the livingroom.  Positions herself firmly, shoulders back and lifts her right arm slowly and points a Lone Ranger Gun at Trixie and very calmly says "Trixie get off the sofa", as she starts pulling the trigger in a flurry of shots. Whaaaaat!!!!  Now that is clever and funny as hell.
Trixie was unharmed but I killed myself laughing.  Sasha looks over at me wondering what is so funny.  I cleaned my hands off from my baking and got Trixie off the sofa.  Seriously one of the funniest kid moments ever.
Don't you wish you had a video camera going at all times just to capture the hilarity that kids and parents experience on a daily basis'.  It is impossible to remember all the funny, smart, dramatic, shit that goes on.  I would give anything to capture my kids spontaneous characters and songs that are sung and the lyrics are so good but there is no documentation.  I try to jot down moments when I can.  (Notice I left out the tantrums, yelling and crying.  Those things are just fine to forget and do not need to be filmed.  Those are the character building moments for kids and parents that are done in private.)
I hope you are having as good as summer as us.  We are so gifted as to where we live (seconds from a sandy beach), We have good health, Are spirits are in check, Creativity is flowing, Grandparents down the street, visits from friends and family, Auntie has a new pool, the weather has been stellar, a damn good husband/father that makes our life triumphant.  Life is freakin' good.

One funny little girl

The Lone Ranger Gun

Have a lovely hot day

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