Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Multiple Miracle-gasms

...a love story

On Monday January 20th around 4:20 in the afternoon, my Spirit shifted.  It was another treacherous winter drive home from work on highway 21 from Port Elgin to Kincardine, the roads were a layer of ice, thick with snowy slush and the snow was coming down.  The drive home was lots of traffic coming from both ways.  Both hands were on the wheel, slower speed and very aware, cautious driving was going on on my part.  Very present to the fact I wanted to get home safe. 

As I was making my way through Tiverton I started to accelerate a little more, I was going between 60-70km (normally 80).  My truck slowly started to fishtail, I let off the gas and tried to ease my truck straight. This did not help. In a short period of time this is what happened.  An otherwise very busy on coming traffic, miraculously had no traffic in this time frame, as my truck fishtailed into the oncoming lane 2 to 3 times, once back in my lane, the side of my truck hit the snow banks on the side of the road and my truck barrel rolled while still moving forward, then the nose end of my truck hit the snowbank hard and my truck flipped nose to tail and landed in the deep deep snow facing the opposite direction I was going.

While all of this was going on, here is what was going on in the cab of the truck:  I remained freakishly calm.  The contents of my work bag, my purse, my extra winter gear, a large coffee I didn’t touch, scattered in slow motion as I twirled and flipped upside down in my truck.  My heart beat slowed, my thoughts slowed.  The moment I was in the air flipping upside down, I remember thinking “I’m upside down in my truck, I’m okay, I’m okay.”  I slightly braced myself for the landing, and nothing, the hunk of metal and myself landed in THE DEEPEST snow (Miracle), meaning a very gentle impact.  No airbag deployed.  Just me sitting with my seat belt snug against my body.

I sat for a few moments in silence. Repeating in my mind.  “I’m okay.  I’m alive.  Oh my God. Oh my God.  Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You….A sensation of peace and warmth surrounded my body.

The passenger door opened and a lovely young redheaded fellow (Earth Angel) opened the door and by the look on his face I knew I survived something pretty amazing. (Miracle) As he opened the door my iPhone fell out and slipped under the truck, he handed me his to call Dalton.  My body had taken over and I could not physically dial the phone, my hands started to shake way beyond control.  I asked him to dial.  Although his hands shook, he was able to contact Dalton.  He stayed with me for a bit, talked with me, I assured him I was good and he should leave (he was en route with his dad for an appointment).  After he left I had an uncontrollable need to get out of my truck.  I got out and stood beside the door.  Looked to the sky, repeated over and over “Thank You”.  My body started to shake but I felt calm, elated, and very very aware of this Miracle.  Very aware of another force greater than myself or any human form.  While waiting in the cold every second felt like an hour.  A large pick up truck pulled over with a Gentle Giant (Earth Angel) at the wheel who ‘ordered’ to “Come get in the truck and get warm”.  I gratefully obliged. My body trembled, my mind now racing over the event.  He was calm, called 911.  My Cousin (Earth Angel) is passing in his van and turns around to help.  Dalton shows up with Sasha.  My cousin takes Sasha.  Dalton and I hug.  The energy between us needs no words, we know what just happened, we know.  A Neighbour (Earth Angel) pulls over.  OPP (Earth Angel) shows up.  My neighbour takes me up to the hospital.  Dalton stays with the OPP.  My neighbour was so calm, empathetic, kind, he stays at the hospital until my family (Earth Angels) shows up.  My parents and Dalton arrive.  I break down.  We know, we all know we experienced a miracle.  We are grateful.
I leave the hospital.  Embrace my children.  They will never know the power and meaning to me of that particular hug.  I am grateful to have my arms wrapped around them.  Dalton and I stand hugging in silence.  We know.

I drew myself a hot bath, with lavender.  I stayed in there for two hours.  I cried.  A.LOT. I said “Thank You” A LOT. It was probably the biggest cry I have ever had in my life.  It was a spiritual event I am sure of it.  It wasn't just a cry, it was a release of the realization I am so much more than who I think I am, it was a release of just realizing the magnitude of this Miracle to me, the release of absolute overwhelming GRATITUDE for my life and EVERY person in it.  I am not ready to leave this earth.  I have work to do.

I have extremely vivid vision of my Guardian Angels orchestrating the gentle guidance of my ‘out of control truck’ swerving all over the road and flipping through the air. Their arms linking together to protect me from this potentially tragic, fatal accident.  The others holding up the oncoming traffic so no one else gets hurt.  It consumes my thoughts sometimes. Now when I think of the happenings of this moment in my life, I experience a full body hug sensation, almost like I am being zipped into a wet suit. I am forever changed. 

There were so many Miracles that happened during that moment, one of them being to always keep my eyes, heart and mind opened to receiving them everyday.  They do not just happen during these tragic events.  They are happening every. single. day.  Some smaller than others but they are happening.  I encourage you to notice yours.

Love, Light and Rockets all the way!

If you are interested in miracles I encourage you to check out this website by Gabby Bernstein.  She really helped me realize I was in fact not going crazy. :)

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