Thursday, May 15, 2014

The King of Green - Lawn-Boy

Every spring for as long as I've been alive my Dad has a sacred ritual of starting his Lawn-Boy.  
Step 1.  Roll it out of shed
Step 2. Quick wipe down
Step 3. Push gas button
Step 4. Pull the cord. Wait. Starts!
Every year, one after the other it starts after the first or second start.  
Without fail his lime and kelly green Lawn-Boy fires into action and another season of lawn maintenance takes place.  
You may be thinking "Well, duh, isn't that what a lawn mower should do?" 
And to that I say "Well, Yes young chap." 
But what makes this so extraordinary is that my Dad's Lawn-Boy has just turned 40!!!
That's right the old boy is 40 this spring.  
The only thing my Dad has had to replace is his belt about 15 years ago.  
What a piece of machinery, Lawn-Boy sure knocks it out of the park on superior design and reliability.  
Not sure how Lawn-Boy measures up today as we've never had to purchase another lawn mower.

Here's to another 40 years, eh Dad?

Lawn-Boy gets my Clever&Lovely stamp of approval.


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