Thursday, February 19, 2015

Start at the Beginning

I have been inconstantly blogging on clever&Lovely since 2009.  I started writing it, right in the middle of the downward spiral of my businesses, rolz&sassy, my Canadian Made fabric baby wearing company (2006-2010) and my brick and mortar baby boutique (2008-2010) of the same name.
I started both of my businesses on pure passion, drive, love and I saw a niche market.  I expanded too quickly and was super naive to the art of running a business and felt very alone.  I was running my businesses on pure fear and subsequently sabotaging the businesses and living a fear based life, that sadly trickled into a full time job itself.  To say it was awful is a gross understatement.  Don’t get me wrong, there were moments of heart and soul based moments throughout that time, but was exhausting with the undertone of fear.  (I will one day write a post about my rolz&sassy business and the beauty of the lessons learned)

However and furthermore (both said with a British accent) my clever&Lovely life is taking a long and jagged right turn to Easy Street!  Not really “Easy Street” per say. (if just really fit that sentence).
More like a nicer, calmer, kinder, heart centred Street.  I have been practicing meditation since January 2014, and have been a wayward practitioner of Yoga since 2000.   

My life is becoming more clever&Lovely since beginning my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in January 2015.  At the tender age of forty-one, I am doing the work to heal myself from myself, breaking open, breaking loose, breaking free from my old self and my soul shattering thought patterns.  Moving my body through Kriyas and listening to the story that is unfolding through the movements and starting to live my life in the most Lovely way possible…as Myself.  A Kinder, gentler, heart focused, love centred ME.

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