Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I am not a handy person...and that's okay.

Our main bathroom...is ugly. We have done a couple of things to make her feel pretty but when I go in there is just no covering up the ugly. One of her biggest flaws is the bath tiles. No matter how much I clean them the grout is still nasty looking and really warn down. So me being the brainiack I am thought I would re grout the "mutha ucker". Well holy hell I did a terrible job. Luckily I only did one wall before my hubby got home and the look of pity said it all. He felt so bad for me, wasting 2 hours on it when now I have to spend even more time scraping the grout off. He then shows me and "voila" easy, neat, tidy, no mess. This is one of those moments when you learn from your mistakes...I guess. But now I totally don't feel like doing the rest. ugh. These delicate hands were not made for grouting.


On a completely off topic note. The board is talking about CLOSING our over populated Elgin Market Public School and busing ALL our Children to KTTPS. There will be a meeting of concerned parents/guardians January 26th at 7pm, in the multi media room at Huron Heights, in collaboration with the Home & School.

We will be working together to make a proposal to present to ARC on March 3rd (it needs to be well researched and will not be ready by the 7th, March 3rd is the ONLY other date they are taking ideas).

We need everyone's input!!
See you then, bring a friend.

Bye for now


  1. Hey Mar,

    Great to "read from ya" two days in a row! Love it!

    I think that your grouting plan would have been more successful had that handy husband of yours showed you how to do it, and just had to keep showing you until...viola, the job was completed! Good luck with it. It sounds tricky.


  2. Thanks Paula. Mama's getting her groove back.
    I like the way you think. Sadly this didn't quite work. I'll be back at it next week I guess.