Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy New Year...First Day of The Rest of Your Life. Rejoice!

My first entry into the new year. Why the wait? Well the end of 2010 was a bit glum and I really wanted to start out this fresh new year on a bright, cheery and healthy note and while I feel like I am moving forward and on the mend, today seemed a good day to write...I'M Still Here! woopie! yahoo! Life is GOOD.

I will ever so quickly touch on the subject of the glum. I got really ill with menegitis and was hospitalized for a week before Christmas. A few of those days I was in hospital I thought they may have been my last on earth. (hence the glum part) But through the power of love, family, friends, prayers, meditations, nurses and Doctors. I have pulled through. And let me tell you this "Reset button" in my life has not been lost on me. I am grateful for the many 'gifts' I recieved through this time. So much love to the people around me.

I have had a lot of time to sit with my thoughts and my dreams these past few weeks and I have some fun plans for my blog and my life in the next few weeks so please check back at your leisure or even a little sooner than that. One thing that came up is my son has asked that I not share anymore stories to do with him, especially when they are about behaviour stuff. I must respect his wishes and have decided to switch up the content a little. Both of my kids are a bit older now and I do not want there privacy disturbed so if anything is posted about them I will ask there permission.

My true passion is anything to do with home design, home decorating, home staging, furniture, wallpaper, colours, repurposing. Walking through the doors of Homesense and likes of gives me such a sense of peace it can only be discribed as home to me. I can stay up until the wee hours going through my design magazines, tearing and making notes and drawing. I lay awake in bed coming up with house plans big and small...mostly small to medium homes. I drive by homes and think up curb appeal changes for the homes I drive by, I love going on and dream about going into the homes for sale and staging and rephotographing them for the agents. (come on people take the knicknacks down off the shelves, and would it kill you to strip the 1980's boarders off your walls or have someone do it for you. Many buyers cannot see past the decor)

Don't worry i'll still be writing about a bunch of other stuff I love and purhaps you do too, like food, health, kids, family etc.

I'm just so happy my heart was ready to start writing again and my fingers were thrilled too.

See you soon,


  1. WOW! So glad you are on the mend! What a scary time that must have been for you, and all who love you! Looking forward to the "new" content and blog.
    Continued health!

  2. Aw shucks thank you Miss Mannered Mom ;)