Sunday, March 2, 2014


The toast I wish I could say out loud without it becoming a slobberfest.

Last night Big D and I were at a dinner party, a first in a series of “Come Dine With Us” themed dinners, where each couple takes turns hosting and making dinner.  It will help get us through the last of winters throws with our mental facilities somewhat in place.  Nothing can get you through a long, cold, isolating winter quite like laughter, good food, and wine 
and great friends. 

This toast 
Goes out to all my dear friends, 
Near and far away,
Even when we don’t see each other,
Know that you are in my heart,
But, when we are able to get together,
All gathered around this table 
On a cold, and bitter night,
I look at all your beautiful faces
And it is the most magnificent sight.
We are all pulled into so many different places, 
But tonight dear friends,
It’s just us,
This food,
This Wine,
This love,
This laughter,
This night



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