Monday, August 10, 2015

Carefree NOT Careless

You've seen them around town...

groups (or even on their own) tweens and teens ...
riding bikes, skateboards, scooters, walking, running, laughing, looking at their smart phones...connecting, talking, yelling, hoot and hollering, dare I say it a little obnoxious at times.

Now I dare you to think back to when you were that age.
Got it pictured?
Think back to a moment when you were truly wild and carefree...what that felt like...who you were with...
Wasn't it wonderful?  


We parents are met with a constant barrage of disapproval if we 'let' our tween/teens roam the town (Free Range Parenting) to 'hang out' with and 'meet up' with friends...we are also met with equal disapproval if we don't...we "shelter them too much", "helicopter over them", "let the kids be and have some freedom like in the 'old day (1980's and under)".  (Every child is different (obvie) your child will be ready when they are ready, you'll instinctively know when that is.)

Here is my recent observations.  

These are our kids, they (mostly) come from good homes, with parents and families who love them very much, who HAVE taught and are still teaching right from wrong.  However, we cannot be with them at all times, so please keep in mind when you see our children out and about they are being carefree, testing out what they have learnt, getting used to their new bodies and minds (remember puberty? yay...that was a bit of a trip), they are not trying to get in your way or annoy you, they are probably just so focused on landing a 'bunny hop' off the sidewalk with their skateboard.  They are not trying to get hit by a car while riding their bike, they are just coming off the sidewalk on to the road, or being a goof to make their friends laugh.  

Part of our collective job as a community (and as drivers) is to also watch out for all children while they navigate their freedom through our town and essentially through life.

When you see a group of our kids...running amok, wild in the streets, take a conscious minute to enjoy that scene of pure freedom and fun, of unadulterated carefree living at it's best.  

This magiCALMess Parenting moment is brought to you by me:

Have a clever&lovely day 

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