Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lovely, Lovely Chevre

Okay, I'm not supposed to eat dairy. I LOVE CHEESE and this no dairy thing is sometimes a bigger challenge than I'd like. I do feel better when dairy is completely eliminated. A nice alternative is Chevre (Goat Cheese) Can you just tell me how much better life is now that a friend of mine actually makes the best Chevre I have tried. Ashley Duncan has some sweet little Nanny Goats in her backyard and this very lovely lady has taught herself how to make goat cheese...how clever of her. Her Goat Cheese companies name is "Rennet Rebels Artisan Cheese". It is so smooth, creamy and mild. The cheese in the picture is the Chevre with Organic Chocolate. The Cherries and The Early Garlic, Cheese and Jam can all be found at the Saturday morning market at Caunaught Park in Kincardine.


  1. Dude! You blog! Yay!

    Thanks for the cheese props. We should hang out more, maybe some of your un-clutteryness will rub off on me. ;)

    (Ps. If you're entertaining dreams of farm life, there's a beaut for sale on the North Line between our sideroad (30th) and Bervie, on the North side of the road. (The one on the south side is right in front of an industrial PIG BARN, PU). 100 acres, incredible barns, riding arena and the craziest log home. Needs renos, very 70s, but it's killer. If we could, we would...)

  2. (Not Scott, it's Ashley, but cant figure out how to comment as me....)

  3. I'm jealous!!!!!! I so want to buy some of that cheese...but I'm much too far away :(