Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is the loveliest lakes I know, Lake Huron, the lake that me, Dalton and the kids have named "Our Lake". This is Roland and Sasha trying to surf the waves as the sun goes down. We moved here almost 2 years ago and having the lake so close (10 minute walk from our house) was one of the biggest 'pros' to moving here. Before I had kids and would come to Kincardine to visit I always made a point of going to the lake on my own and just sit, and be and think...meditate. Then when I was on "Mat" leave with Rolie I would walk down to the lake everyday of my visit and meditate. Since actually moving here I have done this a small handful of times. Crazyness. Wouldn't it be clever of me to make some time and start this again? Nothing makes me feel more at peace than meditating at the lake. My lovely, lovely, lake. As the saying goes "If you are lucky enough to live by the lake, you are lucky enough." ommmmm.

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