Monday, February 22, 2010

I hope you missed me

My computers been down, I've been working a little and just busy with family life. I have a few minutes befor I need to get off the computer to clean and do laundry. Once a again the maid never showed up while I was sleeping.

So I thought I would give you a little update on how my resolutions are going:

The Resolution 2010 List

1. Make my bed almost every day. - About 80% of the days
2. Plant a veggie garden - In the planning stages
3. Get a compost and cone for the backyard - Asking for this for Mothers Day
4. Play with the kids more - Most definitly but must brush up on my Starwars Characters.
5. Work on my patience - Yes
6. Think before I react - Getting better
7. Yell less - Yes
8. Breath more - Trying
9. Work at being completely dairy, wheat and sugar free - Another getting there
10. Get back into Yoga and walking/running - Joined the gym at the beginning of Feb.
11. Not make my lists so long - They are getting more managable
12. Get a job - Got one! I am working as an Educational Assistent (Supply List B-days only) with the Bluewater District School Board and I LOVE IT!
13. Get rid of my debit cards, cash only as much as I can - Not yet
14. Continue shopping locally for as much as we need - So easy
15. Travel somewhere...anywhere...with Dalton and the kids - no plans yet
16. Wear more dresses - Have a few I have my eye on...look out spring!

Must sign off. We have my cousin Karen and her two little kiddies Lucas and Quinn arriving tomorrow night, must go get the house presentable for company.

Keep Clever and Lovely

p.s. Sasha is singing her heart out that she is "just so happy to be a doggggg"
She told us yesterday that her brain is half human and half dog. (I totally believe her)

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