Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This chick cracks me up

This is my Sasha's last night have Gymnastics classes. I thought I better get the photos as evidence I had her in an activity. I love these 2 photos especially, the one on the balance beam makes me smile when I see how long and lean she is, reminds me that I am doing a good job keeping my kids healthy and full of vitality. The photo on the trampoline just makes me giggle, I was so worried she was going to bite her tongue off. Every activity she does she has her tongue out. What a girl.
Just a quick note today, must get the house ready and lists of activities for when my nieces arrive later today. Amy and Joe are leaving for Costa Rica and we (My Parents and Us) are going to get their 2 little lovelies, Lucy Lu Lu and Good Golly Miss Molly,for 1 week. Should be fun.
Have a lovely day

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