Monday, February 22, 2010

I'd like to thank my 1st grade teacher...and to all those who believed in me from the beginning...

Oh oh I am so excited...I have won an award!
My friend Lisa at
honored me a few weeks back with an Honest Scrap award. For this I say "Merci Bonne Fille". Honest Scrap is blogger pat on the back by a peer or quite possibly it is the “friendship cake” of the blogosphere. Now, I need to share with you ten things you may not know about me, and nominate some other bloggers who I enjoy. I am a 'late bloomer' to the blogging world and have finally seen first hand what all the fuss has been about for the past 8 years or so. Two of the bloggers I would pass this award onto have already received this award but they are still my 2 main blogs I check out and but a third you may not have touched on yet goes to She is not a friend of mine and she live in Utah, but this mother of 4 is a true beauty inside and out, inspiration in its most pure form. With this award it is also my goodness given duty to reveal 10 little to unknown tidbits about me, so here it goes.

1. When I met my husband for the first time (a few years before we got together and he was with another girlfriend) He had long curly hair and was wearing tight bike shorts, I thought he looked like the lead singer from Haywire.

2. When I met my husband for the second time, I thought he was kinda cute but not my type.

3. Third time I met my husband. I fell in love and have never looked back. Moral of the story to all the single ladies, you have probably already met your future husband. *wink* *wink*

4. I like my kitchen all to myself. But I also like to bake with the kids. Basically I really don't like tripping over people while I am in the zone.

5. I was the "Face of '89". (Laughing right now at myself for posting this) I won a modeling contest in Ottawa held by BarrettPalmer Modeling Agency. I won $500, a free photo shoot, a house boat weekend on the Big Rideau, modeling classes, and signed on with BarretPalmer. One of the judges was Elmer Olsen from Toronto. It was fun. Look at me now world!

6. I moved to Kincardine for the summer,fall and winter of 1995 to work at TommyJohn's Bar and grill when it first opened. I even helped during the construction phase and my initials are engraved in the cement between the wood slates in the front entrance. After being in Kincardine for the winter I swore I would never live here again. Little did I know at the time it is one of my most favorite places or that I actually would live here again.

7. I love to sing. I have a whole set planned out and have for years that if I ever got the chance or nerve to go on stage it is what I would sing. The sad thing is I am one of those people you see on American Idol that you say "Didn't her parents or friends tell her she can't sing, oh this is horrible, the poor thing", except my parents have told me ;)

8. I LOVE Eagle Brand condenced milk on cornflakes. Try it. Delish and not so nutrish!

9. My Auntie Yvonne passed away with Cancer when I was 18. There is hardly a day she doesn't cross my mind.

10. I like big butts and I cannot lie. Seriously I love rude crude songs about butts, ie. Wiggle it just a little bit.

Please check out the blogs I awarded, you may have to put them in your search for I have trouble making the linkie ma bobbers work.

Thank you Lisa...I'm back

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