Sunday, July 25, 2010

Buisness up front...Party in the Back

This photo is the "Pre-Mullet" stage. I'll post the new do when he gets it.
My boy in jonesing for Mullet. Rolie has been watching RAD the movie and loves the guys hair. So Dalton told him he could get it...maybe even get a RAT TAIL!!!!! For the love of Justin Beiber someone throw me a life line. Apparently fauxhawks and brush cuts and even The Beibs hair just won't do. Rolie says "Mom, it's okay, I just want a mullet, and I want to bring back the '80's, old school style". So from this moment on Roland is officially no longer allowed to hang out with his Dad, ever again, no more long bike rides and all the chatting and reminiscing because it is affecting the way I want to style my son. (Of coarse I kid, he can totally hang out with his Dad & as if Rolie ever let me style him in the first place.) My main thing is for Dalton to not be the one to cut his hair, this is a job for a professional.

On another note: I got gussied-up this past week, on Wednesday in fact, to go out to dinner and see Sting at the JLC in London. I went with my lovely seestor Amy and Mom and Dad, the folks just celebrated their 42nd Wedding Anniversary so we did it up right, no hubbies and no kids! ha ha ha. Actually, the hubbies and kids would have LOVED the concert. It was a nice treat to hang out, just the 4 of us. Love them. So I love talking about food and our dinner was delightful, we ate at Waldo's On King I had ceasar salad, so fresh and crisp with a pancetta medallion and Parmesan round, steak and frites, green beans, 3 glasses of red wine, and homemade lemon sorbet and blueberry tea (Grand Marnier and Tea (My friend Kayli introduced me to that yummy goodness)
Can I just put it out there that Sting is Sexy. He is 58 years old and just has that certain something, he was even wearing kind of a ridiculous outfit though,really tight black skinny jeans and a white pirate blouse. Now if my hubby were to wear that out I'd be laughing at him all night, not with him...totally at him.
So anyway, Roland and Sass love it when I get dressed up. They walk around in my heals, smooth my freshly shaved legs, ask to have some lipstick on, wonder what I can fit in that little purse. Roland asked if he could take my picture. Of coarse I said "yes" it is....

ya sooooo, he's more of a handbag, shoes, legs kinda guy, jeesh, I thought I was worthy of a full body shot but apparently not.
Busy week ahead, summer is full, fun and got us on the run, with some lazy dayz of summer sprinkled in,

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