Monday, July 12, 2010

This is me Happy

Under a red Kitty Cat Umbrella ella ella hey hey!

I feel joyful and happy. Nothing in particular, no massive event, no gifts on my door step. Just a feeling of happiness. Plain and Every now and then I like to "take stock" of what is going on in my life and really feel thankful for it. Yes, I still have a few things that stress me out but all and all a wonderful, fulfilling life.
Things I am thankful for in this moment:
a)A husband to love and loves me right back, something fierce comes over me when he walks in the house.
b)Two beautiful, healthy, energetic children so bursting with smarts, creativity and wildly funny personalities.
c)Getting to be with my children for the summer, beaching it,pipebanding, exploring and daytripping our way through the warm weather.
d)A roof over our heads, food in our bellies, a car to take us from A to B in AC.
e)A sister like no other, to share our hopes, dreams, laughs, triumphs and tribulations with.
f)My parents who live on the same street as me. Getting to "pop in" for a nice hot "cuppa" and a chat.
g)My girlish figure, witty personality and devilish thoughts.

There is a smile on my face and warm thoughts in my heart for you on this summer evening,

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