Sunday, May 9, 2010

May Flowers (ugh...predictable title)

Pre party nap
Tissue puffs are Martha Stewart Kit. Super cute eh?

May is my most favorite month. It is the month I decide to grace the world with my presence. You're very welcome world, I am pretty lovely. (wink wink nudge nudge) The month my daughter was born, the month I became a mother for the second time, it is the month I celebrate my mother and her mother and my dads mother,my husbands mother and my nieces and nephews mothers. May is the month gardens bloom, I marvel every year at fresh buds and so pleased that the plants made it through another winter. May seems to be the month when it just seems brighter out. May is the month we start heading to the beach on a more regular basis. May marks fresh beginnings, it is hopeful and friendly. When it rains in may, it is not a bother or a nuisance, it is needed and welcomed.
May you are freakin alright in my books, I hate it when you end, but look forward to the next one.

Have a Mothers Day,

Sasha's custom Birthday Cake made by Tartan Toad Devine Baked Goods.

Poor little Birthday Girl, not feeling so great on her big day...The party must go on.

Party Flag Banner. Made by me using Amy Butler paper.

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