Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smile on my face

We were all at the dinner table the other night and when finished Sasha got up and cleared her plate to the sink. Came back, got out her markers and paper. While we were all still eating and talking she was drawing, which she can be found doing 80% of her awake time. Love it. Then she gets up and goes to the kitchen drawer to get the tape. We are all still eating and chatting, she is busy finishing and taping her picture to the seat of her chair. She sits down on her chair and declares "A Genius sits here", me being her mother agrees whole heartily. "No really mom a Genius sits here" she gets up off her seat to show us the picture she has drawn. It is a self portrait with swirly eyes and a finger in the air. She is standing there staring at me with her finger in the air and a giant smile on her face. I'm not really sure if she knows what the word Genius means. I think she is pretty darn genius at being funny, cute, smart and artistic all rolled into one perfect little human.

Hey, ever notice the day after your kids birthday they actually seem a whole year older just by the words they use and the tone of their voice?


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  1. Marcia: I love, love, love reading your Posts! You have a wonderful knack for opening a picturesque window in to the clever and lovely life that is yours! Please feel free to pop on to my newly created blog (I've only entered 1 post thus far). Its called Lakeside Life ~ Belladonna. Until the next time our paths cross... take care and puh-lease keep on posting your on-line creativity. Its no wonder Sasha has an artistic flaire; she comes by it just as naturally as Rollie does his bike fascination! / Donna