Monday, May 10, 2010

Today was Awkward

WARNING: This blog post is a tad self loathing...
I had an interview today. One I was very excited about and a job that is perfect for me and I really, really want it. It will be mine oh yes it will be mine.
So my day started out lovely, Roland and I had a leisurely breakie and conversation before school. After he left I had a nice hot shower and got ready for my interview, what to wear? Ran downstairs and picked out my favorite pale grey trousers and a white eyelet blouse, perfect, throw on my pink bead and I've got myself a cute interview outfit. However, I put on my lovely grey trousers and lo and behold my rear end looked like to much sausage was shoved in the casing. What a sight when I got a good rear view look, not only were they tight as hell, it flattened my butt and all you could see was the giant V of my underwear line. Damn it. Peeled them off, found my reliable black ankle pants, quick wink in the mirror, (no time to wallow over my extra large derriere) and off to my interview.
Well the written part of the interview went 'wellish' but my actual interview...hmmmm...I don't think I came across as very skilled...I was a complete bundle of nerves, I know this stuff, I can talk to anyone about any of the questions they asked me with such ease on confidence,but put me in front of 3 interviewees and I am a babbling fool. I did present a Professional Portfolio and left them a copy of some ideas I had, hopefully that helps ease the nasty verbal interview. Fingers crossed, please pray for me. :) At least there was chocolate at the end of the interview.

Sorry no picture with this post. I'm afraid it would have been to scaring for you, Funny, yes, but scaring.

Have a lovely day


  1. Oh, Mar, Sorry to hear that you didn't feel so good about the interview. That is a really sucky feeling...especially when you want it so bad. What is the job? Anyway, I'm sure you did better then you think. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


  2. Marcia

    Girlfriend!! You need a new mirror because yours must be broken! I mean, honestly, if you think your derriere is at all "sausage like" then you must have one of those wonky Circus mirrors.

    Believe me when I say that your gorgeous long legs go up, way up and make an ass of themselves. That, my friend, is a compliment.
    At the very least, I hope I made you smile! Whatever the case may be, you make this 5ft something shortie green with envy!

    Now, as for your interview woes, if personality & skill trump a case of the nervous jitters then you have nothing to worry about! Whatever this mystery dream job of your's is... your prospective employers would be crazy to miss out on hiring someone as wonderful as you!

    Smiles & Sunshine,

  3. Thanks for your messages ladies. And Donna you did make me smile :) Thank you.
    I applied for an internal job posting (and I am not internal) with BWDSB for one of the new ECE in the Kindergarten class jobs. Wish me luck.
    Love Marcia