Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rambling Rose

So at about 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning we were awoken to "I NEED A BUCKET!!!!" Really really loud. Dalton got up and ran to Rolie's room were Rolie proceeded to vomit all over his bed and Dalton, and then proceeded to vomit about 3 times every hour until 8:00 p.m. We left Roland with my mom and dad around 10 am thinking he would be okay, while we took Sasha to Toronto to see a Jays game. When we got back at 8:00 to get Roland we realized we were sooooo wrong. The poor little guy was sick all day. Called Telehealth, gave them the 'dets', expressed his extreme lethargie. "Any medications or illnesss?" she asks "He has AVS (Aortic Valvular Stenosis). "I'm recommending we call an Ambulance right away" Me "I can drive him up" "No no I'm calling the ambulance right now they are on the way". Me, heart racing, me, thinking worst case senerio, me, thankful that we live in Canada.

When we finally got home and got to tuck Rolie into bed, I felt peace again. He slept solid the whole night. And the next day he was good as new.

Monday turned out to be a lovely day. I spent the morning hanging with Sasha and getting ready for an interview (for the EA supply list with BWDSB). Had my usual issues with pre interview stomach upset. Had a great drive to Chesely, tunes cranked, green tea and my GPS (cause I get lost...hard) The interview went great (I think) in fact I could have done 4 more interviews that day, I was just in one of those moods. After my interview they gave me a chocolate ( I like their style) I hopped back in my car and headed to Paisly for a 'me time' afternoon. I checked out a new shop "Daydream Believers" and bought Sassy a Cupcake Trinket box for her birthday. Next stop "Back Eddies" for lunch. Oh my word so delicious. I had a spinach and feta whole wheat phylo wrap and a huge salad with trail mix and hemp buds and lots of veggies, all for $7.95. And a coffee to go go for my drive home. After lunch (ENTER CREEPY EXPERIENCE HERE) I popped into the Elora soap shop. It was really quiet in there, no one around, then this big guy with long curly hair and half closed eyes (simular to those of someone smoking alot of pot) came out and said "hello" mumbled a bunch of other stuff to me then followed me around the whole store while in my personal space (within 18 inches of my body) and mumbled about every single product. He was so close I actually thought "I am so glad I have this really hot coffee in my hand cause I can toss it on him if he gets any closer". I was going to buy some soap when I initially went in, instead I finally got back to the front door and high tailed it out of there. Note to Elora Soap Company, keep dude making the soap, hire a new sales person.

After dinner we took the kids to the beach. They wore their swim suits down. They swam for about 20 minutes! It was so fun watching them in the water. I'll join them in July when the lake is actually warm. After the swim we got them changed and walked the board walk and enjoyed all the gardens, then got to the park and the kids had a good play. This town rocks. Lake, boardwalk, beautiful gardens, park, sunsets, what more could you ask for.

Have a lovely day,

Photo montage: Check out the 'mad skills' of Sasha, sucking her thumb and using binoculars.

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