Monday, November 15, 2010


Wow, so October proved to be a bit of a dark month for me. I had found a new lump while doing a breast exam late September...had my Dr. appointment October 9th...Dr. said "This is a cause for concern, and I found 4 other lumps" and wanted to get me in for a Mamo and ultra sound as soon as possible, which ended up being November 8th. So as positive as I tried to be my thoughts often took me down a darker path and often thought of what every ones life would be like without me and I am overjoyed to report we don't have to find out for a really long time!!!! Seriously imagine a world without dull. *wink* During my dark month I ate way to much Halloween Candy and started baking thoughts were "Well, I may as well plump myself up because who knows what the next few months will look like." Bad move. Now I have to detox...ugh. Back on track as the saying goes.

I have a few "Clever & Lovely" things I would like to report on. I purchased a King Sized Brunelli Duvet from 'Harbour Rose' downtown Kincardine and it is DIVINE. The weight of it is perfect, it has the little doohickies to tie into the duvet cover so it doesn't slide down. (major peeve of mine)I love the sound of it when I move around, it is so cozy I may have a nap under it today. You seriously need one for this winter, it's going to be a cold one, I can just feel it.

If you have not eaten at "The Bruce" in a while it is high time you rediscover this lakeview restaurant and please do yourself a favor and order The Bruce Burger (Jr.), it is so tasty and the homemade buns really adds to the yummyness. Another added bonus about "The Bruce" is they are serving Organic beef. I find their food actually tastes fresh and good in comparison to other roadhouse type restaurants. (Which by the way an employee at a highway restaurant told me all there food comes from a "box in the freezer".) Think 'local' not 'corporate' the next time you are picking a restaurant.

My new favorite place to hang out is "Bean's Bistro", another lovely lake view setting. This is the former "Books and Beans". It has undergone a makeover inside and out, and I believe new management, she is delightful and efficient and is most definitely a welcoming face. Nice moves on the new hires so far. Oh and for all you mommies and daddies out there....da da da da...they have a change table in the novel. And they are getting in high chairs. It is about time someone taps into "Work at Home parents" and "Moms on Mat leave" gang. We like coffee, we like getting out of the house, we like businesses to cater to us...cause guess what? We'll come back again and again and again. Oh another point to mention about "Beans Bistro", you will not find anyone, patrons or employees smoking out front or side. wooo hooo. That was always a little "off putting". And I betcha didn't know this, they serve hot breakfast, bacon, eggs, toast, fruit and potatoes and a cup of their great coffee for only $5.75.

Well great, now I'm hungry!

Peace, love and joy to you and yours

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  1. Thanks for the new blog post Marcia... I'd love to "follow" you more often!
    I am very glad to hear that your "scare" was just a "scare"... we are all better for having you in our lives!
    Take care of yourself and your beauty family.