Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Update from "Anniversary of Motherhood"

Update from my previous post: “Anniversary of Motherhood

After I posted and put ‘it’ out there, I was feeling a little raw and exposed, but relief as well.  I was overwhelmed with the comments I received on Facebook, on the blog itself and many through private message.  It just solidified what I thought might be true…we are not alone, we are all in this together. I am happy to have started a little dialogue about some the struggles and the magnificent triumphs parenting our school age children have, this is something we can do with tact, honesty and integrity.  I just want to say a heart felt thank you to those that read my post and to the people that wrote me and exposed a little bit of themselves.  I feel blessed.

I had a long conversation with my son about my blog and the contents of my Anniversary of Motherhood post. He was so sweet and brave and said he thought it was cool.  He knows I like to help people and he felt good knowing he could help too.  I asked him repeatedly if he felt comfortable with me writing about him (and sometimes his challenges) and assured him if he ever didn’t I would take it down.  I also told him, I had received so many emails from people, some we don’t even know, thanking us for being so honest and that they feel the same or are going through something similar, he smiled and said “really, I did feel alone, that's awesome Mom.” 

I am so much more than a Great Mom (winkie face), and my blog will be a vehicle to my many clever&lovely interests, hobbies and loves.  As much as my kids would like my whole blog to be about them thats just not going to happen.  And, I made a promise to my kids that I would run by any post or picture that involves them to be personally hand stamped by them.  Such stellar kids.  

On a sidenote: The kids think I look old and mean and my neck looks creepy in my blog pic.  I told them I thought I looked artsy, brooding and thoughtful.  They stared at me and said, “uhhh No.” I guess that means I need a new head shot.


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