Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's not all gurgles and coos the first couple of months with a baby.

First of all let me just say having babies has been THE Loveliest event that has ever happened to me. Amongst all the wonderfulness that goes along with having your new baby their is a few 'bits and bobs' that are not always mentioned. Here are just a few of the unpleasantries that may happen to you.
Just a few tidbits I did not know or "get" before I had them...here it goes...(this may not happen to you but it is worth knowing) * At some point you will become so exhausted you will feel like a crazy lady. I call it "Crazy Exhausted" clever eh? I was so exhausted when I came up with that one. * You will get hormone 'surges' for a while. Similar to PMS only you can't go sulk in your room for hours, you have a baby to take care. Enter the wee "pity party" for yourself, know one will join you on this one. * Your relationship with your hubby literally changes forever. Not always in a bad way, it will just be different from your "couple time" * Men are NOT mind readers, tell them what you want and need from them (especially the first couple of months, because they do feel a bit like a fish out of water), tell them, make a list etc. * When friends and family offer to help, say "YES PLEASE" and tell them exactly what you want. ie. dinner would be nice, help fold laundry, watch the baby so you can have an extra long shower, paint your toes, bring you a Starbucks (you get the picture) * If you are nursing, your nipples may bleed and the baby may drink it, they will not die. (I called 911 on this one) * If the baby sleeps a little longer than you expect between feedings...again... they will not die, they are just tired from all the massive growing and learning they are doing. If you need to wake them up, undress him and latch him on. * You may get "baby blues" I never fully got post partum depression but when Rolie was around 6 weeks old, I cried a bit. You are so happy to finally have this little baby and everything is trucking along just fine, sure you're a wee bit tired, and you smell like spit up, then some says to you "how are you doing?" and you just lose it. Cry factory. It's okay, it does pass. (unless it is post-partum Depression and it does last please see your naturalpathic Dr.) Anyway, I could go on. So if you have any questions (strange or otherwise, feel free to drop me a line) And with all that said, having my kids is still the best thing (other than marrying the love of my life) that has ever happened to me and I would not trade it for all the cake in the world. And if none of this applies to you...awesome, you go girl!

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