Monday, August 24, 2009

Lovely Little Hands

Lovely Little Girl

I woke up today in one of my most favorite ways. 

As I lay on my side in full dreamland mode,
 I felt a smoothness tickle my forehead,
 then smoothed all the way around my face. 
I remember thinking "Am I dreaming",
 then I felt my eyelashes being smoothed 
then a soft warm little hand rested on my cheek.
 I'm not sure how long it was there for,
 but when I opened my eyes the most beautiful smiling little face
 was staring at me about 2 inches from my face. 
I actually felt my heart 'heat up' just as it did the first time I ever saw her. 
We stared and smiled at each other for a few seconds,
 until I scooped her up and we spooned until we absolutely had to get out of bed. 
I am so thankful for this lovely little creature, 
she is a true little kindred I will cherish forever. 
Sasha Yvonne you are one lovely little girl.


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  1. That does sound like a lovely way to wake up! :)