Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Boy

My boy Roland. He wakes me with a kiss and a request to put the "cream coloured arms of the Indian Jones lego guy onto the lego guy wearing the black suit because I want it to look like they are wearing vests". One thing is for sure my Rolie knows what he likes and what he wants, especially when it comes to his clothes. I am learning to go with the flow of his many wardrobe changes in a day, because his choice goes with the particular imaginary game he is in or the sport he is doing or an event that is taking place. Each piece of clothing is chosen with a great deal of thought and care (even though it may not always look that way(....breath...and letting go.) I do LOVE his amazing imagination. He talks from sun up to sun down, whether anyone is there or not. If he is in the backyard playing I will sometimes hide out in his room with the window open and just listen to the wonderful adventure he is on. He still plays with his 3 imaginary friends he has had since he was 2, "Gader". "Cookie Eyes" and "Phil". I do write down some of his story ideas and they are most interesting and usually very funny. Perhaps I have a budding author on my hands, or perhaps a stage actor or it is more likely "The World Famous BMX Trick Bike racer" he prefers to be called. But my most favorite thing to call him is MY SON.

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