Monday, March 1, 2010

I love Women!!!

Especially the kind of Women who organize indoor shopping malls to raise money for Haiti. Women who already have one million things to do but still find time to spend a day at a trade show table with their product or service to sell and promote but then turn around and give proceeds to a good cause. I love the women who show up to support these women and buy their product or service and listen to new ventures or old business'. Whoever said it was love that makes the world go round was only partially right, I believe it is WOMEN who make the world go round.
My friend Chrystal was their promoting her company Ideal Organics, I can contest first hand these fruits and veggies are fresh and yummy and so lovely to get them throughout the fall and winter. Next I got 3 bars of soap from "Soaps By Selina" we opened the Lavender and Oatmeal one first and it smells divine. Next stop Skowling Owl I love her paintings and put a bid on one in the Silent Auction and I got it. It is soooo lovely, the title says "Perfect Pink Morning". I think I will hang it in my living room. Next a pair of black with red cherry barrettes for Sassy Cats hair by Sare n'Lore Clip Ease I must say these clips can hold their own with the "Big Girls" and they are half the price. (I think they could get more for them but I am happy with a good bargain ;) Oh oh, then I bought cute little mitten clips for Sass' new winter coats, they are from Coova Clips major handy and you know me I love Canadian Made stuff! But I have to say my most favorite discovery was a new company by a new Kincardinite and a new neighbour (our backyards meet) called The Tartan Toad . OH MY WORD...dangerous! Little mini truffle cupcakes, hot chocolate on a stick and soft caramel chews, these are just things we tried and we likey we likey a lot! She has lovely edibles for showers and weddings and simply must check her out! Now for the picture montage of the day:

My 2 year old niece Molly enjoying her hot chocolate on a stick. Isn't she a dolly?

I cannot get the websites linked to the companies so here is a list of the websites from the companies I have mentioned:

Bravo Ladies, a job well done, I do believe they raised around $18oo that day.

Have a lovely day


  1. I am so bummed I missed this :P Next year I guess

  2. I can't believe I missed this! Darn! Sounds like a great outing!

  3. Those chocolates are amazing do you think she will give us a "cooking with Chocolate Class" ??