Thursday, June 3, 2010


(nice hair Dalt)

As the poem goes "Little boys are made of...Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails". First of all how gross. Second of all I disagree, at least mine aren't. My boys are made of "Two wheels, bike chains and Fox wear".
I often write my posts on food, decor,communty, Sasha,family and the childrens behaviours etc. This post will mostly be about my little boy and my big boy. Rolie and Big "D" if you will.
You'll also notice there has been a big lag in my writing. For good reason, the weather has been absolutely scrumptious. We have done more summer activities in the last month then we did all last summer. I have barely been at my computer, but that's not to say my brain has slowed down with writing ideas, my poor brain is back logged so sorry in advance if this post gets a little jumbled.
As promised "MY Boys". It has taken me awhile but for all the little things Rolie does that drives me bananas most times I am finally in the position to let most of it go and accept him for who he is and not for this weird idea of who I sometimes want him to be. For instance, he LOVES his skinny jeans, with holes and all and that he will wear them every day (if I do not kidnap them for the laundry) when he would wear these jeans to school or out it made me feel really anxious and feel like everyone would see this as a direct reflection of my poor parenting. I imagined teachers, friends, parents (anyone really) would think I don't care about my son, or that we can't afford to cloth him in sensible pants etc. I know this to be so untrue,I couldn't care about him or love him more and he has a closet full of sensible, fashionable clothing. But he chooses to express himself through his cloths. He has been this way since he was 3, it has been 4 years of clothing battles and I am waving the white flag. For all you parents out there that can just lay out an outfit and your child will wear it and wear it all day with no wardrobe changes, bravo, good for you, that works for you and your child, no offence, but it's not just because you "trained" him that way, it's because he just doesn't care what he wears, it's just not his thing right now (and this is a good thing)Rolie, just happens to be a Diva in holey jeans. *sigh*. Even though it may not look like it, A LOT of thought has gone into each outfit he wears, every outfit takes him on a journey, or event, be it real or imaginary and I for one think it is pretty neat. Sure my Grandad would not accept this "behaviour", but times have changed, so must our thoughts and expectations of our creative little ones.

My two boys Rolie and Big "D" love them some bikes. BMX, Mountain, Motor anything with two wheels, they will ride it, modify it, fix it, dream about it, race it, talk about it, pray to it. Not kidding, biking is their church, it is where they get great joy, peace, solitude, community and time to meditation. They are always more clear minded when done biking, not to mention more tired and very hungry too. I am almost dreading the winter already, where will they ride, they need an indoor track.

I have a confession. I am not a morning person. By golly I wish I was though, I completely love the feeling of early morning, the fresh crispness of that time of day, but for petes sake I cannot get my butt out of bed that early. I sleep to 7:30-8:00 most mornings but I day dream about sleeping until 9:00. Anyway, wow long story to get to this short one. The other morning as I lay in bed I hear some action going on in the kitchen. A few minutes later Rolie comes into the room and says "Girls get up, time for breakie, I made breakfast for you guys." We get up and Rolie has my favorite cups at each of our spots, orange juice poured, bowls with spoons, napkins, 3 types of cereal out, Almond milk, and fruit all set up neatly on the table. Double *sigh*. Isn't he the sweetest. He has a flare for presentation and he really loved the praise from preparing such a lovely treat. He will make a good husband someday.

Big "D" is the bike master. If he cannot have his two wheels, I don't know who he would be. And that's the truth. Before we even started dating I would see this crazy looking tall guy, wearing a lime green bike jacket, tight black riding pants, long dreadlocks hanging out the back of a bike helmet going like 9o down Richmond Row in London with his pitbull running beside him. I remember thinking "what a nut", who new I would marry that nut. Anyway, he has passed the bike bug onto our Rolie and it is a match made in heaven. It has been a wonderful way for these two men to bond and I believe it is a gift of a lifetime passion.

In other bike news. Sasha is riding two wheels now too. The run bike was a huge success. She never needed training wheels. She simply got on two wheels, Dalton held the back for like 5 seconds and she was gone. Within 2 weeks she has also started standing and riding and riding "one hander".

My little family is growing up.

Bike on friend, bike on,
Me and Big "D"

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