Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A few things I am grateful for today.
* "Ladies Who Lunch" only we eat breakfast.
* Popping over to my neighbours for a sec. and having a giggle over our matching uniforms: Messy hair, sweat pants and cozy top (ie track suits)
* Finding all my ECE documents, workshop, project stuff all within five minutes of looking.
* Finding my "Sweet 16" ring I lost about 10 years ago.
* Rolands version of the Russian YouTube singer. Totally made my morning. Still laughing about it.
* Sasha wanting to play Mama and Baby Pig. "Your the Big Mama Pig and I am the baby pig and I'm going to drink milk from you, but not really mom, I'll just pretend over your cloths".
* Dalton's curly hair looked awesome tonight. Super handsome. Not so 'Vinnie Bobarino'.
* Sally our pet chipmunk, sitting on the chair looking at me inside. I almost let her in.
* My yummy dinner of Scrambled Eggs&Sliced Avocado (seriously yummy combo, sounds gross but for some reason it works) tomatoes, Sesame seed cookies, lemonade.
* Tea with my Dear Friend K. Always a pleasure.
* The lake looked breathtaking today, bright blue towards shore, almost purple blue in the horizon, SUNSET spectacular.

A couple of things I'm a little bummed about tonight:
* Really felt like watching T.V. tonight...we cut our cable.
* My new glasses still are not ready.
* The laundry is never done.

Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow,

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