Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rainy Wednesday

Sass with her lined up racing hotwheels.

No car today. Dalton had to use it for work today. I don't mind though, it gives me a chance to slow down and just "be" at home with Sasha. (Don't get me wrong I love going to Wednesday morning playgroup aka coffee talk with friends, while our kids play)
We are still in our jammies, well, I am, the more responsible of the two of use got dressed. Sasha and I had a lovely breakfast, then I put the kettle on for tea and biscuits while we read books. Sass did some drawings. One of me and her, she is walking a dog, and her and I are holding hands, I have a circle around one eye. I said to Sasha "oops you forgot the other half to mommy's glasses." She said "you're not wearing your glasses, its a black eye, you walked into the corner of a wall because you were not watching where you were going." Me "I should have had my glasses on."
I think while I am secluded to our house I will actually make all the beds, actually empty the 3 baskets of folded laundry and actually play on the floor with Sasha.
We aren't totally trapped though. I am going treasure hunting at the Dumps Re-Use it section with a friend today. I am after really large gaudy frames and what ever else catches my eye.
Enjoy your rainy day too

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