Thursday, June 24, 2010

SLOW Summer

With the last days of school nearly behind us I am excited to have my little chickens home with me for the summer. I have declared this our good old fashioned slow summer. A summer with no major agendas, no major organized sports. The plan is to enjoy the summer and enjoy each other, literally take time to smell the roses.
Now with saying that there is no agenda does not mean we have no plans, on the contrary, we have assembled a list of activities we would like to do this summer and we have a few activities that we have booked but in general it's pretty loose.

* Explore the Bruce We are going to Explore our community and surrounding area maybe once a week or every two. Fun.
* BEACH BUMS We are sooooo fortunate to live so close to beautiful beaches, a 10 minute walk from our house. (half an hour with kids in tow) The sunsets are breath taking. The water is warm and clear, the beaches are sandy. This will be our main playground for the summer. And with not having evening planned up we can stay as long as we want. woo hoo.
* WaterPark in Goderich for a change of scenery.
* Parks and Pic-Nics in Kincardine. We have has lovely spots for pic-nics and play time, Tiny Tot park, right by the lake, Lions Park @ Davidson Centre (this one is a favorite, lots of shade, pic-nic tables and of course the coveted Skate/Bike Park. Geddes Park is another lovely spot along the river.
* Library time, I have a feeling we may need some quiet afternoons or rainy days. We love going to the libary (and as always *FREE*)
* Port Elgin Skate Park. Our second home. Again *FREE* Pack some food, plenty of water, and bikes and skateboards. FUN. (Lawn chair for yourself)
* We are setting up an art studio at home, we have all the supplies bought and ready to go for some exciting creations.

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