Monday, December 7, 2009

1940's Cookie Press

Many moons ago I bought this cute cookie press for $12 at a flea market with the intentions of using it All the time. I really liked the graphics on the box and that every piece was still intact and in perfect condition. Well after X amount of years I finally used it tonight. Me and Sassy Cat baked Vanilla Cookies from the little recipe book that came with the press.
The Cookie press is sooooo easy to use and cookies are a perfect size for little hands. And the recipe said it makes 4 dozen and guess what?...It made 4 dozen. That has never happened to me before. Long live the 1940's and their tiny portions.


  1. fantastic!
    and is that a red kitchen aid, dahling?!
    double fantastic!

  2. Why "yes it is dahling" I wanted something subtle, to spruce up my counters ;)

  3. so did you use shortening, as the recipe called for, or butter?
    they are the cutest cookies!

  4. I used shortening. They remind me of a cookie a little ol'Nanny would bake. They are not very sweet. However they are lovely with a cup of tea. Sasha likes them a lot. Roland is not a fan, he didn't like the nutmeg in them. Even though he likes nutmeg on egg nog.

  5. found tons of recipes that use butter online (for spritz)... some even chocolate!
    you've inspired me to haul out my cookie press!
    that's funny... about your nutmeg boy! Craig can't have sugar in his coffee, but he can shove done the sweetest chocolate cake on the planet!

  6. Side Note: Shortening = Disgusting.
    I will try a simular recipe using butter.