Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Beginning of December...please snow soon.

December has started off with a bang. Got to see Lady Gaga on her second night of her concert tour. I LOVED it. She may not be for everyone but I sure do love me some dramatic, creative, funny, talented, women. I was actually surprised at how engaging she was with the audience and how funny she was (think Miss Piggy funny). And a little side note for any Gaga haters...her voice is lovely and she is not a cookie cutter pop star, she is 23 and doing her own thing and she wants to provoke and entertain, I'd like to see you play the piano with an art instillation circling your body! She is fantastic! Okay I'm done going gaga for the Lady.

When Roland was a wee baby I took him to Walmart to get some photos, the photographer sucked and had a crap personality, next we tried Sears, they were a little better, just really boring. Then I discovered...wait for it...wait for it...professional photographers. My love of them started when I got pregnancy/family photos when I was preggers with Sasha. Julie from Dream Catcher Photography in London was friendly and energetic and great with Rolie, . Next I tried the Great Canadian Superstore for photos, while my sister has great luck with these guys...sadly I do all. Then came Lisa Stead, fabulous, she was able to do a wonderful shoot with the kids at 1 1/2 and 3 years old at their bedtime (bewitching hour)and I absolutely treasure the pictures she took. Next came Shandra at Exquisite Exposure in Kincardine,, we did family photos at the beach then later a photo shoot with just Sasha. Shandra has a great eye for detail, the photos are fun and fresh, plus she is excellent with the little ones. My most resent success was with Kathleen from Wink Photography, I love these photos, to me they are clean, crisp, funky with a side of "album cover creativity".

(If you are trying to check out the websites you man have to copy them on to a new page, not sure how to do the hyperlink properly.)


Lovely Things so far in December
Pink Christmas Trees
Butter Pecan Cupcakes
Watching my little lady sneak tastes of the cupcake batter
Listening to Roland french! (so clever)
Extra large Christmas tree in our tiny living room
White Christmas Trees on top of my mantel (Harbour Rose Boutique)
Dancing in the Boutique with Sasha
All the awesome sales downtown Kincardine (plus all the shops gift wrap...for FREE)
Santa gifts already to go
New job in the works
Kitchen ready for all the baking


Have a lovely day...I know I am


  1. those are really great photos of the kids!
    do you really want it to snow?!!! really?!
    you have me curious about your new job!
    thanks for the lovely day wishes... glad you're having one too!
    Oh,and Lady G! She is beyond amazing! I can only imagine how awesome her show must have been. I've been catching some of her appearances on shows (like Ellen) and she is so cool! Love her. I had no idea she was only 23.

  2. Hello Dear. Thanks I am so happy with the pictures. Wink Photography is great! is not official but I am (hoping) getting on the supply list for EAs with the school board, and work "B" days when Sass is in school. So nothing crazy exciting but very exciting for me and the family. I look forward to "keeping house" again.

  3. p dot s dot....I really do want it to snow.

  4. my friend erin does you'd love her!
    or brandy :)