Thursday, December 17, 2009

When something makes you laugh out loud... the expense of an others misfortune, you simply must grab the camera to capture it so you can laugh later...minutes, hours, days, even years later. To me this picture is one to revisit. I was at the dining table with Roland when I here a little whimper than a very dramatic "ohhh nooo mommy, mommy, I don't know what happened". I going running (not really, just moved slightly faster than I normally would walking to Sasha's room, because...well...Sasha cries a lot, so you never know when it is serious or not, they sound the same) As soon as I saw her I laughed out loud and not a "lol" (totally overused and annoying, and I just don't always believe the person actually "Laughed out Loud", some people even attach it to the end of every sentence as if it were a period, HOWEVER with that said there are many times when it is appropriate and the person really did laugh, I have even used it myself a time or two) kinda laugh, it was a giggle then a deeper in the throat laugh. Anyway...(my, my that was a bit long winded, sorry)
I told her to stand still, grabbed my camera cause she looked to darn cute. What was she taping you might ask? Her teacher gave her a book for Christmas and she thought it would look nice taped to her wall. I gotta hand it to her for creative displaying.
Have a lovely day

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