Monday, December 7, 2009

"New" Fireplace

After 2 years of living in our 17 year old house I finally painted our UGLY brick fireplace. I have nothing against brick fireplaces "per-say" just mine and its horrid pinkish/taupe/cinnamon colour brick (yes the same colour as my whole entire house outside) that you cannot match with anything (and why would you want to). So, day one removed everything then scrubbed the brick down with soap and water. Day 2 taped it and painted 3 coats. Done. I LOVE the new look. It changed everything. Then I needed a new mirror, blinds, an assortment of pillows and a lovely throw blanket to drape ever so non-shalantly over my leather club chair. My complete vision for my pocket sized living room is not finished yet. I will post when new things, arrangements take place.
Getting one thing done at a time and at a snails pace.
Lovely living room,


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