Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shopping in my Parents Basement

Popped by my mom and dads after work/kids school day for a cuppa Joe and a chat. While dad and I were chatting I had mentioned I wanted to give Sasha one of my Cabbage Patch dolls for Christmas and would he mind digging "Nicholas Albert Adams" out of one of our many boxes of dolls and stuffies. No problem. Then I remembered seeing these funky green glasses ages ago on their "Garage Sale" (btw the "Garage Sale Table has been around for about 12 parents are not garage sale people so looks like I will have my own personal Eco shop for a while)table that I thought I would like. So I ended up having a wee shop. I have been wanting some good solid mixing bowls as well and lo and behold there was a perfectly good set in hues of avocado green. Fun. I remember loathing this colour as a child, possibly because it was the colour of everything in the 70s/early 80's, tub, toilet, sink, home decor, glasses, clothing...but now...I LOVE it, it just feels so retro yet earthy and goes great with pink or red. Next we found the glasses I had spotted, and there ended up being 2 types of glasses in 2 shades of green. Wow wow wee wow! Now I think the stubby glasses would be great for 'egg de nog' with fresh grated nutmeg and the mini wine glass shaped ones would be great for sherry and for the kids drinks at Christmas dinner, lovely for 'cheerzing'. oh oh then I found a box marked "Barbies". I opened the box and saw all these wonderful dolls and a flood of childhood memories went through my head. I saw my Brook Shields doll, with her luscious brown locks cropped to her head, a couple of other Barbies with their hair cut too, a couple with brown marker coloured on their crotch and underarm area...nice. (that one was compliments of my cousin Karen) All these beautiful gowns that I remember so vividly, the funky green and pink furniture, oh and the Cindy doll with the huge head, she was always the "bad" one. The ken dolls were wearing knitted outfits my Grandma from B.C. would make and send us. We closed up the box before I ended up tearing the whole box.
Me - "I can't believe you still have these."
Dad - "We have everything, the box is clearly marked "Barbies"
Me - "I know you have everything I just assumed these got lost"
Dad - "You and your sister need to come and take a day and go through all this stuff, I keep telling you guys"
Me - "I know"

My parents are not pack rats per say. They are the neatest, cleanest most organized people EVER. But I know why they keep everything...memories. You would never know they had a treasure trove of knickknacks, home decor, lamps, clothing, all of our toys and a mountain of high school and college stuff. And with a bunch of this stuff my sister and I have reused, re purposed for our homes and our kids. Watching Roland, Sasha, Lucy and Molly playing with our Strawberry Short Cakes, and Fischer Price Record players, ovens and little people is so much fun. Getting to relive our Childhoods through our kids...absolutely priceless. So this I say "Thank you" to my mom and dad. Just know it is truly appreciated that you have kept these treasures and one day soon Amy and I will help go through it all, and as you mentioned today "You're going to have to do it one day or another" I think it will be great fun, I can already hear the laughter and tears.


  1. marc, we are at my dad's right now, and aisha's "ottawa baby" is my old cabbage patch!!

  2. So cute. Why buy new when they are perfect and preloved already :)