Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coming to an end...& Shop Local Please

Well it is official. I announced my Boutique is closing. I had already told my family and friends but it still did not feel like the end, until yesterday. Have to say I can feel the weight starting to lift off my shoulders, so much so I even took the time to apply red lipstick today. I'm feeling flouncy and excited for the future. The kids are looking forward to me being more present. And I know as my stress from the Boutique starts to fade, my happiness will transfer to my family. I started this venture of opening the Boutique as a need and a want to serve the community of Kincardine.

Here are two things I have discovered, my loyal customers were loyal and really and truly lovely, a pleasure to serve. (I simply needed 10 more people for every one on them to last) The second thing I learned is this is a tough town to break into, sometimes you are not even given a first chance and a lot of times there is no second chance.

Now for the rant section:
I am always amazed when I hear a comment from a local when they say "I never even knew about this great shop" (this is in reference Harbour Rose when they were on Harbour St). In my head this is what I am thinking "Seriously in FOUR years you have not walked or driven down Harbour St., you have not watched the KCTV ads, you do not listen to our radio station or read our papers...REALLY, it never occurred to you to go downtown to get your friends/mother any ones gifts...REALLY." Harbour Rose is now on Queen St. It is a true jem in our downtown core, in fact, I have purchased many lovely things for my home and kitchen, wedding and shower gifts and I was just in there yesterday purchasing gifts for 5 people on my list, it was easy, to pick out things. Gabby, is so helpful and has such a love and passion for her shop, it makes me want to support her so we never lose her. (don't worry she's not going anywhere, just bare with my little rant). Here is my other PEEVE...when I here "Westshore is expensive"...grrrr...really, have you every been to any comparable shops in Toronto, London or Kitchener??? They are on par with them and sometimes cheaper than the city and very often have a great sale going on. Not only do you get great products you get honest suggestions you get a personal stylist when you go in to buy something. When you go to the states for a shopping weekend and get all those great bargain they come at a cost too, hotels, food, gas. So really not a huge savings, if its a girls weekend you are after go to a resort or spa or the city. Stop helping the American Economy and help jump start ours. People like Gabby and Tonya are the heart and sole of our downtown, it is not an easy job, perhaps a "Thank You" would be nice the next time you are shopping downtown. With all that said, I know we are all watching our pennies a little more closely but my message here I guess is, if you have a job be it Bruce Power, Municipality, Banks, Restaurant, School Board whatever, start spending your hard earned money in town and if a shop happens to not have exactly what you want perhaps you really don't need it. Just a thought.

Warmest regards from an almost free woman

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