Monday, January 25, 2010

I've come up with a new theme song

Sung to the tune of "Love the One Your with"

"If you can't be in the house you love, love the home you have" well really it is not a full song yet, I have only "written" the chorus' tune, and I hum it while looking through Canadian House and Home, Canadian Style At Home, Martha Stewart, Blueprint (older issues because they are no longer, grrr), Domino and Ikea.
When we decided to finally move to Kincardine we started looking right away, we even put money down on a gorgeous lot, picked a plan and everything then our home in London was not selling, we panicked, pulled out of our new build, then the house sold 3 weeks before we were to move to Kincardine, we toured through this Brick Bungalow just down the street from my parents, walked in, was totally not impressed, but I saw a challenge, I had vision and in the grand scheme of things we would all be together again and we will eventually build again when things are a little more settled. Now that could be 2, 4, even 6 years from now, sigh. However, I have a new feeling about my home (not house, it is definitely a home)
Our home is tiny. I have decided that "Tiny Home" is the new "Extreme Home" Our home provides us with the exact amount of room that we could possibly need. How ECO CHIC of us too. Having a tiny home also produces a closeness that you may not otherwise get from Big Home, it is not easy to hide in a tiny home so you may as well hang out with one another. Making every space useful has been a fun challenge. While I long for a mudroom, I've had to come up with a system that will work for us so our front entrance doesn't always look like the dump. (although I am fully aware it sometimes does during the winter)Trial and error. My Winter/Spring projects: *adding closet organizers to all the bedroom closets
*Sasha a daybed with drawers
*Rolie a loft bed to free up some floor space
*Finish Kitchen - Install Stainless Steel Hood - tile back splash - repaint kitchen - Wallpaper wall with door - paint "info" wall hot pink (why not?)
*Paint banister glossy black and stair trim white. hot damn

My look 'Casually Glamorous with a dash of Modern - Minimalism' Wish me luck. It's a tall order but I just love the home I have.

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