Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Old Mother Hubbard Went to her Cupboard...

and I am certain it was not as cute as mine.

You will note: *The very cute green glasses (that my mom has all of a sudden taken a shine too again...after 20 odd years of not using them and keeping them in a shoe box in the basement, to this I say "You snooze you lose Mama!")
*A White Melamine sugar dish that used to be my Nanny's (It was made in Canada...crazy)
*A simply lovely Cream and Sugar set that was a wedding favor from my fabulous friends Lisa and John's big day.
*A ceramic white sugar dish that I grew up using.
*On the middle shelf which I call my Harbour Rose Boutique shelf, I have beautiful serving dishes, and very funky boiled egg cups. I just love pokadots!
*Top shelf my red and white toile tea set my mom got me years ago from Crabtree and Evelyn, Tea canister and hidden behind that is to containers full of sour keys. Pucker up baby.

On a completely other note.
My lovely little boutique rolz&Sassy Baby is officially closed. I locked the doors symbolically for the last time on Saturday at 5:00. Then proceed to get nice and tipsy for the rest of the evening with some delightfully charming dames I am proud to call my friends. The evening would have been perfect if only my sista Amy were in attendance. None the less I am always free to have another night of celebratory vino if she so feels the need.
I already feel a shift in my spirts and closing the store has truly solidified the fact that I am following my heart. I followed my heart starting it and knowing I needed to close it. (if you ever feel the need/passion/drive to open a business don't hesitate to get in touch with me...I'll steer you straight...just kidding I would be happy to chat with you on the pros and cons in an open and honest way that reflects my experience)
I must also take this opportunity to express my complete and utter gratitude for my lovely husband Dalton and my Parents. They seriously rock out with their socks out! Having a family member that owns a business, especially when it is not working out the way they expected, is tough, it is emotionally, spiritually and financially draining for everyone. It was a roller coaster ride my friends. And I am off. Don't get me wrong there were many high points. I'm just saying.

Well it is hockey night and I must get my little chickens fed before we head out. I seriously could write for hours right now, I just have so much on my mind. Lucky for you I'm gonna sign off now,

Good Evening,

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