Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eating Right

I am always reading about food, whether it is recipe books or magazines or books about food for kids, and more recently through the world wide web. I have been thrilled I can still keep in touch online with my beloved Chiropractors from London; Dr.'s Jamie and Joel Richards Me and my 'fam' had a year and a half of care from them until we moved to Kincardine. If I get a chance when I am in London I will pop in for an adjustment. What I truly loved about their Chiropractic Care was the education and support we received every single visit. Now this dynamic duo have come up with the best lifestyle healthy living program that just makes the best sense to me. The program is called "Life By Design". I am wishing I could take part in their seminars but for now I will have to practice on my own. One of the easier ways to get started is "Eating By Design". There is an easy grocery list for reference and recipe ideas. "Eating By Design" is seriously for everyone, there are a lot of old habits that need to be broken and for me a whole deprogramming of foods that I crave. The following pictures are of a lunch Sasha and I enjoyed the other day. (notice no dairy or grains) It was so yummy and we were super full. The other picture is of the kids lunches packed in their Laptop Lunch Boxes. It is of mostly "By Design" foods. And that is what I am trying to achieve a "Mostly By Design" Life style. Every now and then you need eggs, bacon, toast and coffee.
Nexts stop, joining the gym.

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