Friday, January 1, 2010

The House is soooo Quiet...

Butter, Onions, Celery and Cranberries for the Dressing

Rolie made Dalton the necklace and gave him chocolates...very proud.

Sasha and my old Cabbage Patch "Nickolas Albert" she got as a gift.

Sasha and her Santa gift

Roland and his Santa gift (I love his face in this picture)

The new year is here and I am starting fresh. My business is closing on the 9th and with that brings, excitement, freedom, peace. Among many other emotions but I am focusing on only the positives from this closing. Wish me luck.

Christmas was delightful. Christmas Eve brought about the true spirit of the Season for me. Friendships, Family, Magical Christmas Energy from the children, and frankly the pure joy I felt in my heart felt great! I want more. Christmas Eve we went to our dear friend Kayli and Gareths for their Open House Tradition, Great food, drinks, lots of people and excited little kids. Next, Jack and his family from Jalna Farms showed up at our house at 6:00 p.m. with 2 lovely horses and a wagon all lit up with Christmas lights. We were lucky to share our fun activity with mom and dad, our friends The Pitre and Zettle Families. We got a one hour ride all throughout our neighbourhoods, we sang Christmas Carols and waved to other Christmas Eve revelers. My heart soared and you could not wipe the smile off my face. What a great time. I am blessed.

Christmas morning was so much fun. Santa was able to bring Roland and Sasha exactly what they have been asking for since the summer. Roland got his Red BMX Trick Bike and Sasha got the Play Mobile Doll House. After gifts were opened we headed down the street to mom and dads for a Delicious breakfast, mom and dad made French Toast Rafael, Fruit Salad and Bacon, coffee and juice. The French Toast Rafael was the true star of the meal, reminded me of bread pudding, only yummier, with Cream Cheese baked in and real maple syrup. Just typing about it has made my mouth water. I feel so lucky to have my mom and day right down the street. Loves them.
Then more gifts, mom and dad got us a gorgeous black onyx chandelier I've had my eye on for the living room. It's bold, it's sassy, it's probably too big for our living room but I don't care, I love it, plus I'm an adult and it's my house so why not. I'll post pictures once it is installed. Back to our house so the kids could play for the rest of the day. Then I made Christmas dinner. Fairly standard food, although I did get a little crazy with the dressing. I always follow my Nanny's traditional dressing recipe but I changed it up this year. While the onions were sauteing in the massive amount of butter I added celery, apples and cranberries. It was nice but I will go back to her straight-up recipe...don't mess with perfection. Thank You Nanny. You and Auntie Yvonne are always thought of a lot this time of year, we had a glass of Sherry in your honors, we miss you both terribly. GRYS. We are blessed.

Boxing Day! The day Rolie was soooo excited about. He truly thought we woke up that morning and boxed each other. Man I wish we had gloves. If we showed up in his room in the morning with boxing gloves on he would have thought he'd died and gone to heaven. His eyes would have bugged out of his head with excitement.
My sister Amy, Joe, Lucy Lu Lu and Miss Molly arrived today. Lu and Molly are two little balls of red headed goodness that I could eat with a spoon, and I was soooo happy to see them. I made the girls silhouettes for there playroom and Padraig Slippers. Fun. Lucy was less then thrilled,poor thing, she is so getting toys next Christmas. Molly was loving her slippers "Slippers on, slippers on". KEY -U-t-NES!
So nice just to hang out with my sister and Joe. We are blessed.

So Christmas is over...the house is so quiet...until next year.

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