Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthday Boy and No Cable Update

My 1st Born Turned 7 in February. Happy Birthday Master Spencer. Rolands dessert request was chocolate pudding, custard and real whipped cream parfaits. Yum.

Pure, Raw, Boy Energy!

Isn't he a little young for facial hair? This is what happens when you live by a Nuclear Plant ;)

I'm lookin' for the man who shot my Pa.

The no more cable thing has been going amazing. This morning I woke -up to Roland painting at the dining table. He had water colours out, a glass of water and a tea towel for dabbing his paint brush. The kids have not mentioned once about the T.V. Saturday night Dalton and the kids watched a dvd. Cat in the Hat.
Sunday morning the kids came into our room at the ungodly hour of 7:12!!!nut jobs for sure. They were in there snowsuits and needed help tucking pants in boots so they could go outside because it is sunny out. Precious right? Yes. but I could not send them out this early...what would the neighbours think? And we for sure would have fallen back to sleep and totally forgot they were out there...oh and the coyotes...what if a coyote took them. We negotiated for a couple of minutes, coaxed them out of there snowsuits and we bargained an extra hour of sleep then they could go out. Dalton got up in that hour, threw them some breakie (no time for egg and bacon) put the coffee on and headed outside. We spent all morning sitting and playing and talking in the SUN!!! Amazing. We all got face tans that day. It was lovely. Keep it up Mr. Sun we love ya.

Until we meet again

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