Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Spring Purge/Organize Marathon That Never Ends

The following images may offend some viewers, viewer discretion is advised. It is of a few snapshots of the contents of mine and Dalton's pee-u-nee! closet. The contents actually filled (and by filled I mean currently still fills)our room. Because when you give a mom an idea to organize the closets she's gonna want to clear it out, and once a mom clears it out she's gonna want to freshen' the walls and give it a new paint job, and when the mom sees how nice the new paint job is, she's gonna want to add shelving and more see how this could keep going. So I am working on my piles to "give", "consign", "garbage". The pile of man clothes are a Dalton's work clothes that he no longer wears, awesome, take up more space will ya! They are getting binned and banished to the cold cellar, muuuuwahaaaa! Take that crisp coveralls and dickies t-shirts. So as I was painting this afternoon in the closet, Sasha came in and asked if she could help paint, I was like "No honey this painting is for grown-ups yada yada yada" and she was like, shoulders slumped over "awww mama I really want to paint with you", me - heartstrings officially tugged, "why don't you go get your paints and bring them in the room and you can work on a painting while I paint." Sass - no words gone like a flash back with her paints and said "where do I start" with a gob of paint already on her brush. So I thought; well this is a closet, and 'Canadian House&Home' are not coming to photo shoot my closet, so I said "How about over here?". This little chick could not have been happier, or more proud of her contribution to the closet make-over.

This picture was taken 2 weeks ago, down by Tiny Tot Park. How gorgeous is this lake. I live here. This is my personal meditation room. and.......

Now I must sign off and head into the room of clothes,shoes and handbags,
Night, night,

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