Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sexy Robins

For the last 2 days a male Robin has been sexing my dinning room window and the side of my car. He sees his reflection and the trees and cannot leave the windows alone. Grab a brain buddy, there are plenty of eligible lady Robins in the back and front yard and they may be a little more receptive. Ahhhh Spring.

On another springish note, my closet is done, yipee, and most of our room, we still need to hang the mirror and hang some pictures/art as well.

Sasha and I decorated the fireplace for spring and Easter. It is bit garish, even over the top, but we love it. Note the fancy daisies my mom bought me yesterday as a "Happy Spring Day" gift. So fun and fresh. Thanks Mama.

Getting the house prepped for a festive Easter. It all starts tomorrow with baking sugar cookies, dying eggs, birdwatching hikes, My sister and her family coming to visit, lamb dinner, dinner at mom&dads, Saturday morning Easter Egg Hunt at Victoria park (9:30- 11:00 a.m.)oh I am so eggcited!

Have a lovely time welcoming the Spring,


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