Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Passion: 300 Words or Less

Mabels Labels BlogHer'10 Contest
I’ve lived a life of searching for passions but knowing my truths, and now the two have collided because now I could not have one without the other. I once filled out a Dr.Seuss book and one of the questions was “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I filled it out at age 7 and my answer was “A Mother”. I filled it out again at age 11 and scratched that answer out and put “A Millionaire Mother”. So far so good on becoming a Mother. I am passionate about my husband, we don’t even have to work hard at our marriage, it just is, the ebbs and flows of our relationship makes married life exciting. Because of my husband and kids I have explored being an entrepreneur and have owned 2 business’. My true passion is finding what works for my family as a whole. My business’ while an adventure was not my truth. I am now a good old fashion housewife. Except for I don’t spend my days cleaning the house and mending socks and making sure my husband has a martini and a newspaper when he gets home. I am the housewife, who plays with my kids, has just as much paint in my nails as they do, I’m the housewife down at the beach collecting rocks and driftwood, I’m the housewife biking with the kids Saturday morning to collect our local fruits and veggies, goat cheese and meat for the week. My passion is now in my day to day living, I’m learning how to slow parent and be there, I mean really, really there. And when the kids are asleep and all is quiet I’ll sit on my front porch with my husband and cheers with a martini. A life shaken not stirred.

A Clever and Lovely way to live


  1. Love this! You forgot to add in time with the girls at the grease pit ;)

  2. you are so right! I must write a post on the benefits of friend and guilt free grease eating :)