Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I'm am trekking forward on my quest for a simpler life. So far things are going pretty well. Part of this quest was getting my mind, body and spirit in check, so I started going to the gym about a month ago, and I really like it, the endorphins are what keeps me motivated to go, I just love the way I feel after a workout. The muffin top is still there but is turning into a mini muffin top. Slowly but surely. I eat a mostly "By Design" diet, fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, nuts and seeds, herbal teas, my Non by Design that I am working on cutting down, coffee (I now only use Organic Meadow Coffee Cream, where the only ingredient is...wait for it...wait for cream! (check out to get the skinny on your mainstream dairy...barf and yuk all rolled into one) I have a wheat and dairy sensitivity so I have mostly cut these from my diet too. I still eat them just not everyday or every meal. For instance last night my post gym workout snack was bananas, walnuts, 2 brazil nuts with almond milk and Cinnamon with a cuppa chamomile tea, then today after lunch I had 2 Vivapuffs (I cannot keep this shit in my house or I will eat it and feed it to my kids...damn Sasha and her puppy dog eyes!)
Another thing I am doing to simplify my (our) lives is I called the cable company and cut our cable. That's of this Thursday The Spencers no longer have cable. Not only does this save us $50.00 a month, it will get my late night ass into bed at a descent hour thus in return the family has a well rested mother and a well rested mother is a happier mother! This will also get me tackling my list of projects I've been meaning to get started but have been sucked in to the tube night after night watching garbage that has no relevance to my life. T.V. was not filling my was sucking it dry.

A time to ponder the simple life:

My Top 10 Simple things I love,
1. Sitting on the edge of my kids beds before I head to sleep and watching their peaceful slumber.
2. Fresh flowers in a clear vase on my dinner table.
3. All the laundry folded and put away.
4. Watching Dalton sit on the Sofa and story telling with the kids.
5. A glass of red wine.
6. The smell of spring in the air.
7. The five seconds of complete silence after getting the kids buckled into the car, then shutting the door, then getting into the car myself...yes that five seconds of peace helps when there is going to be 2 hours of constant conversation (which I also love)
8. Hot cuppa tea, sitting in my living room reading and watching the birds at the feeder.
9. The smell of Oatmeal cookies baking.
10. Sitting with my kids at the dinner table drawing.

I hope you too can take some time today and stop to smell the spring in the air.

Have a lovely day,

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