Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Something has made me go hmmmmmm

Remember when you used to go to the drug store for drugs, toiletries, make-up, diapers for baby and a pack of gum. While you wait for your medication you take advantage and do a little shopping or window shopping downtown while you wait. Now imagine you have a shop downtown and the drug store just down the road starts selling some of your lines and not only some of your lines some of the other shops lines. hmmmmmm. Wouldn't you be a little disheartened. You do all kinds of research on the products you carry, are careful to not carry the same lines as another shop, because you want to compliment one another not be in direct competition. In the grand scheme you want the downtown to be a lovely destination to shop and visit. A place you can recommend to your friends, family and guest to make sure they get to our downtown for a coffee at Books and Beans and be sure to check out the great clothing stores and Kitchen and Gift Boutiques. You don't see our great boutiques carrying packs of gum and tampons...do you? Drug Store please stick to your original purpose. You are a great drug store, very friendly service, knowledgeable staff, wonderful, supportive pharmacists, we think you are an essential part of our downtown, we love the small town Pharmacy, just please will you lay off the boutique stuff and leave it for our boutiques, it's just poor manners.

Bye for now

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  1. I heard about that. Very narrowminded and silly of them. The old owners were fantastic....