Tuesday, April 20, 2010

By Design Dinner Recipe

So we all know I am a big fan of The Life By Design concept. I feel great when I Eat By Design. I do find it a wee bit challenging sometimes making full meals 100% completely By Design but I am getting better. Tonight's meal was soooooo yummy, tasty, nutritious and 100% Eat By Design. (Just a side note: Eat By Design is Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free)

First: Saute Extra Lean Ground Beef (or Chicken or turkey) preferably Organic. Drain set aside. Oh by the way, Your Welcome for not posting a picture of sizzling meat. (blarf)
Second: Saute Shallots, Garlic, Tomatoes, Broccoli. While this is Sauteing boil Cauliflower in another pot.

Third: Add the beef to the veggies. Add pesto (I used jarred) Mix it up.
Forth: Place baby spinach on top, put on lid to let it steam about 2 minutes. Take lid off and mix together.

Fifth: Drain cauliflower, add a bit of olive oil or olivina marg, S&P, and a dash of nutmeg. Blend with a hand blender until fluffy. Looks like mashed potatoes

Sixth: Dollop Cauliflower Mash on plate, Spoon the Pesto Veggie Beef mixture. Top with Walnuts. And Enjoy.

Honestly sometimes I amaze even myself. Not only was this dinner esthetically pleasing to my eye, it was delicious and my belly has been full for hours.

Wow big day for my blog, two posts in one day. Sometimes I'm inspired sometimes I draw a blank.
Have a lovely night


  1. That looks amazing.

    We just ran the first print of the book. I am working on edition 2. I will be consulting you for sure so keep up with the recipes!

  2. Thanks, it was delightful.
    Sounds good Jamie I would love to.