Thursday, April 8, 2010

You are grounded!

Mr. Grounded himself

Roland is grounded after school today. Yup, he deserves it the little bugger. And it isn't even for his recent use of the newly discovered word "Fuck". (I tell that story at the end). Roland happens to have a pretty awesome dad. And we have come to the conclusion he doesn't know how good he has it, so we are hoping a night in his room, without hanging out with his dad (or Me and Sass) will help teach this lesson. Now before you get all up in arms about "Grounding" a 7 year, please know this, we use positive reinforcement, positive redirection, talking with said child about the behavior and the feelings behind it, we've done "Time Outs" and "Time Ins" and we will continue to use these with the children but sometimes you just gotta try something "harsh". I'm going to lay down the situation in question. I went out for an hour walk with my mom last night (down on the board walk, it was so lovely) when I got home the house was strangely quiet, papers from the fridge were all over the floor, Sass came running out to give me a hug, then Dalton turned the corner and looked pissed. I was like "whats going on", Dalton "That kid, man, he knows how to ruin a night, I took the kids, plus a neighbours kid for a bike ride and we stopped at the lot and made mud ramps for the kids to ride up (see what I mean, awesomeness) having a great time, gave the kids the warning we have to leave and get ready for bed, on the way home Roland asks if we can go for a ride on his dirt bike. I said no we'll do it another night, and then all Hell breaks loose, he's yelling at me and throwing a fit, being just plain miserable he even said "I hate you Dad, you're the worst Dad in the world". I just don't know what to do, cause what we do does not work." My poor hubby was defeated, deflated, frustrated. So, "I grounded him, Sorry Mar but you are going to have to deal with him after school, but I told him he is in his room for tomorrow night, no matter what, even when he comes out of his room all charming and apologetic, he stays in his room, K?" "Of coarse Dalt." In about 30 minutes or so our first grounding is about to happen, wish me luck.

The "Fuck" story.
The kids got off the bus the other day and were walking up the driveway, I met them at the door, Rolie was first, all smiles, gives me a big hug, asks for a snack, tells me a school story, all in about 30 seconds, then my eyes look at Sasha walking up the driveway looking all forlorn, shoulders slumped, puppy dog eyes. I say "Hi Honey, how ya doing?" She then says "Well mommy some girl took my lunch kit and I don't have it anymore." Roland standing in the doorway listen says "What the fuck, Sass, who was it". I have a terrible habit when children swear and use it in a sentence properly and when children fall, I giggle, it is a horrible twitch to have but I laugh and it is really bad in both instances. Anyhoo I say to him while trying not to smile "Seriously Rolie, that is a terrible word, not to be used again, it especially doesn't sound good coming from a kid." K, Mom sorry. But the guys in Daddy's hockey change room say "Fuck" all the time, "Fuck this" "Fuck That". Me - "Roland stop saying it, be done, or you don't get to go to hockey with Daddy anymore, Or you need to wear earmuffs". Awwww kids, they really do say the darnest things.

Have a fucking lovely day,


  1. Oh Roland.
    I wish my dad was as cool as his. He really is a really lucky kid.

    Love how you and Dalton back each other up ♥

  2. Hey Mar,
    Those moments are tough...I feel for Dalton. I had the "I hate you Mommy, you're the worst Mommy in the world" tantrum earlier this week. We too have challenging moments when we need to get "tough" with the discipline...Isak's was not being able to bring his new Go-gos to school that day (something he was really keen about). It wasn't easy to endure the upset that followed, but here's to following through and to hoping it made an impact!
    I too applaud you and Dalton on supporting and backing one another up in your parenting/disciplining. Not always easy.
    Cheers, to parenting. A tough job. Good spouses, good friends and good family are the best supports!