Monday, April 12, 2010

Darling Buds of April

My Flowering Almond is flowering. The little tiny dark pink buds are so very lovely, I can hardly wait for the show stopping flowers to bloom. But I'm in no rush, every spring I marvel at the wonders of nature and all the beauty season changes bring us. Don't you feel so lucky to live here? What are you going to do to celebrate Earth Day this year? I think the Spencers will get dirty. April 22nd, seems like a great day to break ground on our Square Foot Garden. Enjoy the sunshine.

Sasha is turning into a daddy's girl and it is so sweet. The first two and a half years of her life Dalton lived in Kincardine, while we were still in London. Don't get me wrong they were always loving together and had lots of fun, but Sass is a Mama's Girl and was breastfeed for a year, plus I welcomed any entertaining of Rolie I could get back then. He worked lots of crazy shifts and we would only get to see him one or two days a week, so I think that's why it took her a little longer to really get how great a daddy she has and how easy it is for little girls to get their Daddy wrapped around their tiny finger. Sasha has discovered this. Well done little lady.

Friday night was Pizza night. I could not stomach the pizza Dalton was craving so, I ordered him his double cheese and pepperoni and made my own. It was soooooo delicious, I didn't get a picture of the finished product because it went right in my belly!!! It was a mostly Eat By Design pizza. The crust was a whole grain Italian Flatbread, and I did use my dreaded cheese (Organic, skim mozzarella), Then all the good stuff, pesto, spinach, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, grilled chicken (left over from a previous dinner) Oh my goodness my mouth is watering. I do need to find a) a good gluten free pizza dough and b) dairy free cheese that doesn't taste like ass. (just a side note I have never actually tasted ass, I'm just guess it taste awful)

Well that was Monday for you,
Have a lovely Tuesday,

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